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Faster Upcoming Technology Uptake Relevant for the Environment in FOOds Drying (FutureFood).

Funded by the European grant program Horizon 2020.

FutureFood aims at the demonstration and first market application of an eco-innovative solution for drying of food products: CO2 drying. An important benefit is the preservation of fresh quality attributes of food products (e.g. vegetables, herbs, fruits and proteins), while carbon footprint and energy consumption can be reduced compared to conventional drying techniques.

CO2 drying, together with other food preservation methods, was investigated during the predecessor of FutureFood - PRESERF (funded within the FP 7 program). During this project, product quality was evaluated, further energy savings were realized, and a pilot unit was installed and tested. Building upon those results, a new project was set up to enable further steps towards industrial implementation.

In this project (funded within the Horizon 2020 program) partners from five European countries cooperate to ensure that different cultural aspects and a variety of cultivated food products are taken into account. The project coordinator is FeyeCon D&I (the Netherlands) and the other partners are CO2Dry (the Netherlands), SP, Technical Research Institute of Sweden (Sweden), University of Padova (Italy), VNK Herbs (The Netherlands), Gent University (Belgium) and University of Belgrade (Serbia).