Pilot Scale Facility

In 2014, CO2Dry and FeyeCon installed a new 500 L pilot equipment, to be used for CO2 drying and CO2 pasteurization. The equipment tackles many aspects needed for further scale-up, among which the continuous removal of water from the CO2 phase. As a result, the energy usage decreases with 50% and the required investment costs with 30%. These reductions are vital to make CO2 drying technology competitive compared to conventional drying.

High Quality Drying Process

CO2 dried products have a quality comparable to freeze dried products, while the energy consumptions is 50% lower and the investment costs are 30% lower. The quality benefits are realized by the mild drying conditions of temperatures around 40°C and absence of oxygen.

Mild CO2 Pasteurization

CO2 pasteurization is the mild alternative for conventional heat pasteurization. Benefits of the technology are the mild processing conditions that ensure excellent preservation of the product quality. Another benefit is that there are no traces of chemical solvents in the product. Tests have shown that the microbial load can be reduced significantly, e.g.: on carrots, a reduction of 7 log was observed for E. Coli using CO2 pasteurization (Ferrentino et al, The Journal of Supercritical Fluids, Vol 85, p 17-23, 2014).